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Best Weather Widgets For Android Phones

The key to any home screen is a weather widget. Not only is it informative, but it also provides a bit of eye candy. Whether you're planning an international holiday or just planning a quick flight from Mumbai to Delhi, you need to know the weather to know what you have to pack.

I’ve literally tried all of the weather apps on Google Play and I’m going to share my top 5 best Android weather widgets 2015.

So in no particular order, lets kick this off.

EZ Weather – hands down my go to weather app because of the beautiful widgets. The developer is very active and new widgets pop up all the time, there’s even the ability to theme the app itself. Well worth checking out! Get in on Google Play.

Yahoo Weather – this app delivers the weather in stunning fashion. The widgets are minimalistic but there are a number of different ones available to finish off any homescreen. Yahoo have done a great job with this app. Get in on Google Play.

Accuweather – Probably the most complete weather app available for Android. There are 3 options of widgets available for this app and I like what they’ve done here with the design. Especially the new 4 x 2 widget. Get in on Google Play.

1Weather – Developed by the OneLouder crew, this is a crowd pleaser. I love what they’ve done with the widgets. Different from the standard 4 x 2 with digital clock and weather icon. There’s a heap of customisation waiting for you with this app. It’s sure to serve up a widget option that you like. Get in on Google Play.

Eye in Sky Weather – For an app that was last updated in March 2014 it still hits the spot. There are a heap of different widget options and you get the ability to change out the icons. I hope this app hasn’t been abandoned as it has the potential to be one of the greats. Get in on Google Play.

There hasn’t been an influx of new weather apps. The Playstore is literally overcrowded as it is and it will take something special to break in. I hope to see a material weather app soon.

There are certainly some apps that would warrant inclusion to this list, but this is merely my top 5 weather widget apps.

Honourable mention goes to our very own MetService and also GoWeather. Two great apps with snazzy widgets.

If you have any weather widgets that you’d like to mention, mash out a comment below.